CareMaster Ultra-concentrated Laundry  Softener

CareMaster Ultra-concentrated Laundry Softener

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It does not damage the skin thanks to the herbal active

in its ingredient


Cleans laundry from detergent residuals by

neutralizing them


Reducez wrinkles, softens the iron by softening the

laundry fibers


Contains allergen free and harmful chemical free odor


It is suitable for sensitive skin


When washing laundry, we tend to prefer them to be soft with pleasant smell besides cleaning. The softeners, which are among the essentials for laundry for the ease of ironing, may not even purify synthetic chemicals in their compounds, even though they are rinsed. This can leave us obliged to choose between soft smelling soft clothes and our health.


CareMaster, the brand of nature friendly and human-friendly products, saves you from this dilemma. CareMaster Ultra-concentrated Natural Laundry Softener cleans the laundry by neutralizing detergent residuals. CareMaster Ultra-concentrated Natural Laundry Softener with 3-times effective and natural compound loosens and softens laundry fibers, reduces wrinkles and provides easy ironing. With long lasting perfume, the CareMaster product also prevents static electricity in laundry

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