CareMaster Miracle Cleaning Spray

CareMaster Miracle Cleaning Spray

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Supply hygen to all washable surfaces.

By putting dirt away provides fast solution.


Eliminate stink and stain.

Prolonged Hygiene

Not include hypochlorite.





            It is safely used on every cleanable and washable surfaces made in marble, tile, ceramic, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, on the surfaces of all inner and outer unites of air conditioner, on the surfaces of automobile upholsters, on the engine cleaning of automobiles, for cleaning any oil and dirt coming into existence on a kitchen hood, an extractor fan, a pot, a frying pan and, for cleaning the inner side of a refrigerator, the inner and outer surfaces of a kitchen cupboard and of a kitchen bench. It does not harm any kitchenware.


            It is fairly efficient especially when directly used on the stains of shirtsleeves and shirt collars. It is safely used for carpet, coach and flooring and upholstery cleaning.

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