CareMaster Hypoallergenic Surface Cleaner

CareMaster Hypoallergenic Surface Cleaner

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Suitable for all floors and surfaces

By putting dirt away provides fast solution

No residues on the floor

No need to rinse or drying



            It is an environmentally friend product that you can easily use for all surfaces of your house (glazing tile, vinyl floor covering, floor tile, granite etc.). It procures a hygienic cleaning in respect of cleaning of all kinds of washable grounds and surfaces. It penetrates too easily into any dirt and clean the surfaces and grounds without leaving any residuals.


            Thanks to its intense perfume, it leaves a longstanding and lasting and long-time perfume on the cleaned surfaces.


CareMaster, the brand of nature friendly and human-friendly products, helps solve also this problem without creating another one. With its 3 times more effective and natural compound, CareMaster Natural Super Degreaser easily cleans stubborn oil stains with its ecological formula. It removes burned and molded oil stains from surfaces such as hobs, ovens, grills, aspirators, ventilation systems, and frying pans without damaging the surface. CareMaster Natural Super Degreaser, which provides ease of use with spray quality, is suitable for all kitchen areas.

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