CareMaster Hygienic Bathroom-WC Cleaner Spray

CareMaster Hygienic Bathroom-WC Cleaner Spray

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Does not contain acid harmful to health

Can be used on all surface in bathrooms and toilets

It gives effective results on the hardest surfaces and stains

Provides long-term hygiene

It provides effective cleaning even between the joint gaps

Do not bleach in luminaires

It gives a permanent and fresh odor


The most important points in household hygiene are bathroom and toilet cleaning. Bathrooms and toilets, when they are not cleaned regularly, cause germs and bacteria to spread to the house because they are shared areas. In these areas where there is high level of humidity, the rate of germ growth is higher than in other places. For this reason, even though they are narrower areas, very strong cleaning products are to be used to provide hygiene. While this prevents germs and bacteria growth, the harmful chemicals threaten human health.


CareMaster, the brand of nature friendly and human-friendly products, finds solutions to hygiene problems in these important areas of the house without harming human health. With its 3 times more effective and natural ingredients, CareMaster Hygienic Bathroom /WC Spray both protects harmful chemicals from destructive effects and provides effective cleaning and hygiene even on the hardest surfaces with its enriched formula.

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