CareMaster Natural Super Degreaser

CareMaster Natural Super Degreaser

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Has herbal ingredients

With its powerful formula, it dissolves oil quickly

It is used on all kitchen surfaces

It is also used in areas such as hobs, hoods, ovens

It cleans the surfaces without damaging them

It is suitable for cleaning oil stains on fabric

with its special formula


In house cleaning, oil stains come first especially in kitchen as the hardest stain. Dirt, dried food residuals, and oil remnants are troubling us for a long time. Oil stains constitute also areas where germs and bacteria can easily reproduce. Since the stain is so hard, the chemicals containing in the products cleaning it can be so dangerous. These stains in the kitchen, which is the most sensitive and the neediest area of house for hygiene, are themselves one problem and can cause problems as to how to clean them.


CareMaster, the brand of nature friendly and human-friendly products, helps solve also this problem without creating another one. With its 3 times more effective and natural compound, CareMaster Natural Super Degreaser easily cleans stubborn oil stains with its ecological formula. It removes burned and molded oil stains from surfaces such as hobs, ovens, grills, aspirators, ventilation systems, and frying pans without damaging the surface. CareMaster Natural Super Degreaser, which provides ease of use with spray quality, is suitable for all kitchen areas.

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