CareMaster Hygienic Bathroom-WC Cleaner Spray

Does not contain acid harmful to healthCan be used on all surface in bathrooms and toiletsIt gives e..

CareMaster Hypoallergenic Surface Cleaner

Suitable for all floors and surfacesBy putting dirt away provides fast solutionNo residues on the fl..

CareMaster Miracle Cleaning Spray

Supply hygen to all washable surfaces.By putting dirt away provides fast solution.Eco-friendly.Elimi..

CareMaster Natural Bleach

Has herbal ingredients Does not contain hypochlorite Provides hygine on all wipeable, washable sur..

CareMaster Natural Super Degreaser

Has herbal ingredientsWith its powerful formula, it dissolves oil quicklyIt is used on all kitchen..

CareMaster Organik Dishwashing Liquid

Not included any additives, phosphate, household bleach,peroxide which is harmfull for health and en..

CareMaster Ultra-concentrated Ecological Dishwasher Detergent

7 in one! (detergent, brightener, anti-scale,glass protection, color protection, metal protection, a..

CareMaster Ultra-concentrated Ecological Liquid Laundry Detergent

Thanks to its herbal compound, it can be used safely for babyand children clothes It is suitabl..

CareMaster Ultra-concentrated Laundry Softener

It does not damage the skin thanks to the herbal activein its ingredient Cleans laundry from de..

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