CareMaster Organik Dishwashing Liquid

CareMaster Organik Dishwashing Liquid

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Not included any additives, phosphate, household bleach,

peroxide which is harmfull for health and environment

Do not leave water spot and residual 

Preventing scratch

Easy rinse from dishes, providing vernish.

Easy soluable, and never seen flocculation.



            CareMaster Organic Dishwashing Liquid is certified as “ECO-BIO” by the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute (ICEA), and can be used safely in dishwashing. Contains organic orange oil. Perfectly cleans your dishes by purifying and degreasing effectively, leaving it shiny. Easily rinsed off after washing.


            All CareMaster products are produced from natural and human friendly, highly pure, plant based, soft and high performance raw materials.

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            It is fairly efficient especially when directly used on the stains of shirtsleeves and shirt collars. It is safely used for carpet, coach and flooring and upholstery cleaning.

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