CareMaster Natural Bleach

CareMaster Natural Bleach

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Has herbal ingredients

Does not contain hypochlorite

Provides hygine on all wipeable, washable surface

With its strong composition, it removes odor and stains

Provides long-term hygiene

Because it does not contain bleach, it is suitable for use

in colored laundr


Throughout history, people have used many different and interesting methods to whiten their clothes. Natural methods such as boiling, lye, and sour milk, which have been known to be used for thousands of years, have been eventually replaced by harmful chemistry. Gases produced while using bleaches, which are widely used and indispensable for hygienic cleaning and white laundry, are harming the ozone layer when spread and the human health when they are breathed and contacted.


CareMaster, the brand of nature-friendly and human-friendly products, reduces these harmful effects and ends the long-standing search for whiteness and hygiene. With its natural ingredients, Care-Master Natural Bleach is a nature-friendly product that can be used on all wipeable and washable surfaces, from toilet to bathroom, sink to kitchen surfaces and laundry. With its strong composition, natural bleach, which easily removes stains and provides hygiene for the environment, does not harm your health thanks to its herbal ingredients.

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