CareMaster Ultra-concentrated  Ecological Dishwasher  Detergent

CareMaster Ultra-concentrated Ecological Dishwasher Detergent

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7 in one! (detergent, brightener, anti-scale,

glass protection, color protection, metal protection, anti-corrosion)


It does not contain phosphate and bleach, which is harmful to health and the environment.


Provides an excellent cleaning even in the toughest spots


Does not leave water stains and residuals, it prevents scratches.

It is easy to rinse and provides brightness


Does not damage the metal parts of the dishwasher


Detergents sold on the market, especially dishwashing detergents, have a high level of phosphate. However, phosphate threatens both human health and the environment. It is necessary to use tons of water to rinse dishes washed with detergents containing phosphate, which causes serious health problems when accidentally ingested. Phosphate, which accumulates in the body when overexposed and causes illnesses, at the same time disturbs the structure of the water and prevents its evaporation, namely its recycling.


The most important member of the CareMaster family, the brand of nature- and human-friendly products, CareMaster Natural Dishwashing Detergent does not contain phosphate. With its three times more effective and natural compound, it does not harm human and the environment, and provides excellent cleaning for the dishes. It is possible to wash 30 times with 7 in one, ecological dishwashing detergent for spotless dishes. You can safely use dishes cleaned with CareMaster Natural Dishwashing Detergent and leave cleaner and more accessible water sources for future generations.


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